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The facts Of An Eye

Do you know the facts about our eyes?... here, i am going to share about it. because it was important and useful. if i offer a high price to buy your eyes, do you want? of course no, right! that is why our eyes is a vital part in our body, and the eye have more mega pixel than the camera or smartphone. if you are not believe, read this article and you will find the amazing facts!

A brief explanation about The eye

The eyes is one of the parts of the human body that has a function so amazing. He can describe a variety of conditions. You may often read about the structure and function of the eyes, but do you know if the eyes have the facts so extraordinary? For man alone, most of the information captured by the brain through the eyes first. Even the eyes can tell expression, emotions, and feelings. However there are some facts about other eyes you need to know to be able to better care for and appreciate it.

Facts about The eye

The cornea is the only Tissue in the eye that does not need the blood

The existence of the cornea is very important for vision and the presence of blood vessels will interfere with this process. So, this is the only living cells within the eye that are not connected directly with the blood vessels.

The Eyes Is The Second Most Complex Organs After Brain

Do you know if there are more than 2 million parts of operational process 36,000 bits of information every hour? This process involves  ' components ' small and complex mechanism with the help of a few other structures such as the retina, iris, pupil, lens, cornea, optic nerve and muscle siliari. This process can help the eyes run function and make the vision became perfect.

The muscles of the eye Are the strongest of the body

The external muscles of the eye does have a small size and weight of the eyeball, but when you talk about the strength of the muscles of the eyes, turned out to be the strongest muscle while running the task. This is because the muscles of the eyes are constantly moving to set back the position of the eyes, even when the head is in motion. In spite of it all, the eye muscles also keep working during sleep because the human eye moves continuously during rapid eye movement sleep (REM). Because that's why eye muscles work without ceasing.

The Eyes Are Always Working

Facts about eye turns out next is the organ is part of the human body that can serve 100 percent all the time, day and night, without a break. However, should you give a break to the eyelids and external eye muscle to be able to function better.

Eyes Flashing 25,000 times a day

The numbers are big enough, isn't it? Flashing itself has two objectives, namely to keep the eyes remain berpelumas and protect the eyes from foreign particles. The eyelashes are short, hairy and curvy can serve to capture dust.

The human eye capable of distinguish about 10 million different colors

In essence, there are three primary colors, namely red, green, and blue, which then generate millions of different colors that can be distinguished by eye. It turns out that each eye has 3 receptor, for each primary color and is responsible for the creation of experiences of different colors when stimulated by a variety of color combinations.

The resolution of the human eye Equivalent 576 Megapixels

When the human eye is a digital camera, it turns out that the eye has a resolution equivalent to 576 megapixels. It's just that, unlike a camera with single frame snapshot, but rather as a video stream. The eyes are working tirelessly, moving quickly and continuously update its image to send it to the brain.

Reflections ' Red Eyes ' When Photographed

You certainly never seen photos with the phenomenon of ' red eyes '. This symptom occurs because the flash bouncing off of blood vessels in the retina of the eye. In dogs or other animals, the eyes will look green because they do not have extra layers of cells behind the retina.

Now we already know the facts about our eyes that we should keep. Because of pay regardless we certainly won't sell it. What a perfect creation of 

I made this article because i asked to my friend yesterday in the afternoon. 
Me  : Do you know ?
She : What?
Me : What is the resolution of our eyes?...


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