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Dongeng anak | The Prince and The empress

The Prince and The Empress

In the past, there was a kingdom ruled by a wise king. His name is King Henry. King Henry who wants to immediately leave his throne.

King Henry has a son named Prince Arthur. The crown is kind, wise, and responsible. He is also close to the people. That's why he is very suitable to rule the Kingdom. But unfortunately he is not married. Because one of the conditions to become king in the kingdom, the Prince must have a wife.

the palace was busy. All members of the kingdom are busy looking for a woman suitable for Prince. However, no woman can make Prince Arthur fall in love.

One day, a young traveler came. He came to the Kingdom and met the Prince who was daydreaming in the palace garden.

"Good morning Prince Arthur!" said the traveller.

"Good morning. Who are you? Prince Arthur asked.

"I am an ordinary traveller. My name is Theo. I heard Prince became confused choosing a future wife?" Asked Theo.

"Yes, I am very confused. All the women introduced to me have nothing interesting. There are beautiful, but dark-skinned women. Some are white, but short. Some are slender, have beautiful faces, but cannot read. ! "Prince wailed with a confused face.

"Hmm, what if I take the Prince for a walk. Who knows, on the way then the Prince can find a way out," Theo looked at the king's tired-looking face.

"Ooh, fine," replied the Prince while walking. The two of them then went to take a walk outside the palace.

Theo invited the king of the coast. There are chat with a fisherman. Soon the fisherman invited Prince and Theo to his house.

"My wife is cooking delicious grilled fish. Surely the Prince likes it," said the fisherman.

Upon arrival at the fisherman's house, there is a smell of grilled fish. They sit on the porch of the house. Shortly thereafter came the fisherman's wife who served grilled fish.

Short stature of fisherman's wife. When his wife entered inside, Theo asked, "O fisherman! Why did you choose a short wife?"

The fisherman smiled and then replied, "I love him. Besides, even though his body is short, his heart is very good. He is good and can cook."

Theo and Prince Arthur nodded to understand the fisherman's words. After eating, they thank you and continue the journey.

Now Theo and Prince Arthur arrive at a farmer's house. There they rest. The farmhouse house is very clean.

There is a little dust. They talked a while with Mr. Farmer. Then comes Pak Tani's wife offering drinks and small cakes. Mrs. Tani is very fat.

Blowing his cheek and chin or more. After the farmer went to the rice fields, Theo asked, "Farmer, a good heart. Why did you choose a fat wife?"

Mr. Tani smiled and replied with a proud voice, "She is a diligent woman. Look, my house is cleaned up all right? Every day she cleanses carefully. Besides, I love her very much."

Prince and Theo nodded in understanding. They then say goodbye, and walk back to the palace. Arriving at the palace, they met a priest and his wife. The waiter was very quiet, while his wife was talkative. Theo asked again,

"Waiter, why do you want to share a woman as loquaciously as she is?"

The waiter answered while embracing his wife, "Albeit (his wife's name) is fussy, he is very attentive to me. And I love him very much."

Theo and the Prince nodded in understanding. And go and sit by the pool. The Prince told Theo,

"Now I understand. There is no perfect human. Likewise with my future wife. The important thing is I love her and her heart is good."

Theo breathed a sigh of relief. He then opens his turn to become a fake. Long and apparently real gold hair. He also opened his fake mustache and beard. Now in front of Prince there is a beautiful princess waiting. Princess said,

"Prince, actually I'm Rosa, a daughter from a neighboring country. Mother from Prince invited me here. And told me to do all these things. Your mother might want to make you aware ..."

The prince was shocked but then said,

"Finally, I was able to find a suitable woman to be my wife." The two of them eventually married and lived happily ever after.

The moral message is that there are no perfect humans in this world, love your partner and complement each other to make everything so beautiful.

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